Where in the World is Syb Smith

Metamorphosis happens. I am in a chrysalis stage at the moment diving
deep into my own creative practice – stay tuned for what unfurls.I am delighted to offer images from the 70+ photographers I reviewed this past Spring – take a look! 

Each reviewee is invited to share an image on my website (with a link to their website) because amplifying, inspiring and fostering connection is what my job is all about.

Compiled below are 6 photographers I met at Photolucida who highlight the expanse and depth of concept, subject and technique in contemporary photography now. I encourage you to surf these links – your horizons will be transformed.

Marcus DeSieno:  No Man’s Land :Views From a Surveillance State was published by Daylight Bookslast Summer. Marcus’s interest in the unseen political ideologies embedded in our current technology inspired this work. Read more here: The British Journal of PhotographyF-Stop MagazineHyperallergicHuck Magazine, and The Washington Post.

Mikael Owunna:  Engineering innovations break new ground in an exploration of identity from a multi-cultural queer perspective. The process challenges perception and experience of black bodies. Locals note – Mikael’s lecture and book-signing will be hosted by the Griffin Museum of Photography this Fall.

Jeanine Micha Bales: Inez Milholland is a suffragette who died securing women the right to vote. Jeanine has brought Inez to life in the visual narrative, Standing Together.  Pending publication this traveling exhibition and educational curriculum tracks the actual route Inez took to deliver 50 speeches across 8 states in 4 weeks in 1916. Represented by Arnika Dawkins Gallery andPDNBGalleryI encourage you to visit Jeanine’s site to explore her work illuminating the shadows within American history.

Linda BarsottiFlawed Pedigreeinvestigates and conceptualizes the feelings and experiences of those with vision loss. A genetic reality, Macular Degeneration, which can incrementally deteriorate eyesight, runs in Linda’s family. Utilizing her imagination, Linda looks at the impact this illness had on her father, her Aunt and twin brother, as she contemplates her future as a visual storyteller.

Ryotaro Hiruchi: Bypassing spoken language barriers my connection to Ryotaro was immediate. His interpreter allowed us to delve into the foundational inspiration for his photography. His lush portraiture of modern-day Samurai celebrates tradition and adaptation and has won awards from Moscow to Paris. We shared a small world experience when I initiated introductions to two Japanese photographers I have worked with who also live in Tokyo – he already knew them both!

Karen Navarro: Cubism meetsLatinacultural expectation meets laser cutting technology. Deconstruction, a series of self-portraits, opens space for claiming your own singular identity. Karen is a polyglot of elements within Concept Aware®, including innovation, implementation, and metaphor. Her work is included in the just-opened exhibit, El Pertenecer en Tiempos Modernos (Belonging in Modern Times), at Gray Contemporary in Houston, Texas. I wish you an inspiring season filled with uncharted journeys. Surfs Up!

Marcus DeSieno

Linda Barsotti

Mikael Owunna

Ryotaro Horiuchi

Jeanine M. Bales

Karen Navarro

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