Photoville NYC September 2019

Photoville, is a vibrant creative village of global visual journalism in stacked shipping containers under the Brooklyn Bridge. This free photo festival is supported by a matrix of organizations and sponsors and welcomes tens of thousands of people. Images, videos and installations illuminate our connective, innovative and resilient human community. Geography has no bounds here as we all speak the same language – photography. 

Each year expands my knowledge and increases my awareness of the agency art has in moving us towards social justice. I love connecting with friends, colleagues and causes which matter. Here are photos from opening weekend.

While I have many favorite exhibits – I describe a few here which hit my #punctumjunkie’s heart:

Bronx Activists

Bronx Activist, Hebh Jamal, 2018
Photography by Julie Lozano

Intimate and compassionate portraits, alongside text from interviews, were featured by the Bronx Junior League Photographers, a Bronx Documentary Center teen program . Sophisticated in style and rich in content their visual and written work belies their age and experience. 

Open Doors

Portraits of the Reality Poets by photographer Elias Williams are accompanied by spoken word and digitized abstractions by Var. Harmed by gun violence each man in this collective utilizes creativity to transform their trauma and provide education via their art.

The artist, Var, uses his breath to power technology to create abstract imagery–
follow Var on Instagram.
Portraits of the Reality Poets Exhibit
Photographs by Elias Williams

What Remains

Facing Change: Documenting America is an interactive installation with images created by emerging photographers in Detroit. Made into postcards which magnetically line the walls of the metal container, visitors were encouraged to select and take a favorite. In so doing hidden images of Detroit are revealed. 

Love Yourself: The Girls of Nyal, South Sudan
South Sudanese girls want to stay in school not become teen brides and mothers. Oxfam and photojournalist Andreea Campaneau teamed up to empower these young women to share their future hopes and dreams.

Looking Inside: Portraits of Women Serving Life Sentences

Photographer, Sara Bennett, a former public defender, exhibits portraits and hand written statements by women sentenced to life in prison for homicide. Blank notebooks offer visitors access to communicate with each woman. A small newsprint publication includes an essay by professor and author, Nicole R. Fleetwood, who will release, Marking Time: Art in the Era of Mass Incarceration, in 2020 with Harvard University Press.

In addition to the container exhibits photo stories are shared in all shapes and sizes.

We, Women

This year We, Women announced funding for 20 projects by women, transgender and non-binary artists who reframe issues and highlight underrepresented narratives.

Photoville Co-founders

Dave Shelley, Laura Roumanos and Sam Barzilary addressing the crowd in the Beer Garden, transformed at night for projections and panels.

Dave Shelley, Laura Roumanos and Sam Barzilay

Journalists Under Fire

A collaborative indoor exhibit, Journalists Under Fire, highlighted  international photojournalists killed, or in one case still missing, while working to cover stories. 

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