Where in the World is Syb Smith

When I wrote “metamorphosis happens” in my Summer newsletter I had NO idea establishing my own studio in Union Square Somerville is what would unfurl – check out our opening video.

A heartfelt thanks to all who poured into my studio and onto the sidewalk on September 8th to celebrate creativity – bubbly, chocolate and punctum junkies – all my favorite things!

My new space affords a perfect place to strengthen your concept development, edit and sequence images, tackle an artist statement or exhibition proposal to authentically reflect and contextualize your work. Concept Aware® has a new home and my Fall Schedule offers an array of how to collaborate:

  • Elements of the Creative Practice Lecture Series unpacks your creative practice
  • Concept Aware® Beginners Guide introduces my creative framework
  • Concept Aware® Class or Weekend Workshop
  • Guided Critique Group
  • Individual Consultation
  • Art Library Browsing Hours

I continue to consult remotely with photographers everywhere – the most recent being a Hong Kong-based photographer working in Vietnam. Thank you to the reach of my Photo Brigade podcast and video conferencing!

Immediately following my opening I spent 4 days under the Brooklyn Bridge at Photoville. This free photo festival is a highlight of my work year. It is a deep dive into global visual storytelling and a kick-ass block party attended by – my family, colleagues, friends and new acquaintances all united by photography. Photoville highlights are on my post here.

ZEKE magazine had a container at Photoville and an inaugural awards ceremony to support those making visual narratives. I reviewed the four decades of work by pioneering photographer and activist, Donna Ferrato, as compiled in her recently published retrospective, Holy. Read it here in the Fall issue of ZEKE.

I am jurying for Critical Mass, an exciting and educational collaboration with Portland Oregon-based Photolucida. This affords me a look at the work of 200 photographers and asks for my vote in the selection of the Top 50.

Paris Photo is coming in November and there are just a few spots left on my guided tour. Our pre-planning session this week was recorded – so we can catch you up if you decide to join us!

A few final notes: Creativity is courageous work. My intention is to accompany your process and amplify your product. We are bolder together – let’s collaborate!

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